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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Matrices - the saga

It would be useful to put matrices within the report - we've thousands of contexts, the inter-relationships of which can be seen much more clearly in diagrammatic form

I first created a period site matrix diagram in 1997 using a roll of lining wallpaper - I think it was about 13' long, and an absolute nightmare. Then came the Harris programme - though it has problems, it's OK (mainly 'cos it's free). Better than wallpaper, anyhow, which eventually disintegrated.

I was able to save my efforts (as a bunch of TIFFs) on Omega zip disks, although when the Zip drive contracted the dreaded clickling death (before CD writers became readily available) I was no longer able to access these.

So, I had to start redoing the matrix diagrams, though I managed to procure a volunteer for a few days (thanks to Steve for helping out on this).

If anyone has time to help in continuiny this task, please contact me...