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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Thoughts on the Short Mound

Having a few thought on the ritual monument known as the 'Short Mound'. This smaller version of the prehistoric 'Long Mound' on the hilltop - see the above slide show - has been difficult to date, but has an early Roman period TPQ. However, considering the construction of the mound - in particular, questioning where the soil came from (and remembering that on the hill-top, the topsoil is not very deep) - may give clues to when it was built?
Considering the inclusion of occasional local grey ware sherds within the fabric of the mound, perhaps from the (re)construction of the buildings in the rampart settlement during phase 2 of period 4 - constructed as 'scoops' within the ground surface - provided material for the mound? This would place the monument within the post-Roman period. There are few other finds, although this might be expected given the general 'poverty' of the site?

Any comments?